Do you have small kitchen? If so, you will find that you will be limited in terms of the appliances that you can possibly have there. The small kitchen appliances are the most ideal for such small spaced kitchens. The reason for these choices is based on the understanding that they will not eat up more than their fair share of space.


This is one of the best bet yet when it comes to utilizing the little space available in the kitchen. For instance, the dishwasher is approximately 18 inch in width. It is telling that it will not take much of the space. The dishwasher drawers should be designed in such a way that they do not protrude so much from the wall.


It is traditionally assumed that fridges take up a lot of the space in the kitchen. Yet you can include it in the small kitchen appliances since all you need to do is to maximize on the 24 inch wide fridge. The question then is: how do you do it?


The first thing is to make use of the apartment-size fridge which makes use of the space provided for without eating into extra space.


There are also the counter-depth fridges which are highly ideal for the small kitchen appliances. The aim is to make sure that you get the appliances in the kitchen without necessarily cramming them into one place.

Besides these two types of the kitchen appliances, there are a whole lot of ideas that you can make use to free up much space in the kitchen.

Compact appliances

If you have not tried the compact appliances, you do not know how much space you could be saving. For one, this is the most innovative way to drive and fit in any kitchen appliances even in tightest spot in the kitchen.

Storage options count a lot and especially when it comes with the small kitchen appliances. One of the surest ways to beat the meltdown is to have walls where you can hang some of the appliances instead of placing them on the shelves. The small and lighter ones will easily be hang on the wall, thereby freeing space for the big ones. You simply have to be innovative enough to create space even where there is none.

The bowl sink is another area you can make the most of the space by making use of a single bowl instead of using the double bowls. The latter will merely eat up space where you could place a whole appliance. The undermount sink is even grander an idea on how to utilize space where there is little of it.

The all-in-one storage is perhaps a well thought out plan for storing things instead of the galley style where things get lined. This way, you will free up lots of space and actually add more of appliances that you need in the kitchen. Be innovative and create space in your kitchen.