For those who live in below- 500 square apartments, there is always the challenge of space even where the small appliances. The small spaces make it hard to put many appliances. Yet the limited space should not be construed to mean that you are limited in choices. On the contrary, you will realize that there is so much you can do with your apartment spaces.

Buy small appliances

Well, it sounds so obvious but it is not always the case. Some home owners have misplaced priorities which lead to purchase of larger-than-life fridges yet they have limited space. In this case, it is advisable to buy a small fridge. A mini fridge will in fact be most ideal for the small space that you have.

Get the specifications

Maybe the inches do not make sense to you theoretically but you will realize that they count a lot and especially when it comes to the small appliances. The manufacturers are pretty aware that not everyone has a free hand on how to use the space they have. This is the reason why they design small, medium and large appliances. It is up to you to choose the one that is best for you in the circumstances.

Compact cook tops

One of the areas you can maximize to the maximum has got to be the compact cook tops. They really give you a lot of space to free up when you want the small appliances.

The refrigerators often referred to as the under-the counter are a good example of how proper utilization of space can help free up space. You will be surprised to see how much saving of space will be realized by merely taking up the challenge.


If you are tired the dishwashers who take up the entire space in the kitchen, then you are better off trying putting the portable one. It can be moved from one location to the other. You will basically be able to move it out of the kitchen to the location of choice. This helps you to plan for your space.

The built-in

In some apartments, you will find that there is the element of the built-in which essentially allows you to fit your fridge, freezer or any other small appliances you may be having without necessarily getting where it is not needed.

 You will be pleased to learn that in most cases, people with small spaces are the ones maximize the spaces they have. You are pushed on the edge and this means that you start to innovate.

Give yourself as much time as possible to study the kitchen design of your kitchen. You will realize that there 101 ways of rearranging the kitchen so that all the appliances find a space in.

Proper planning is essential as it helps you to identify areas where you can create more space. By appreciating the concept of compactness, built-in, portable and such, you will have all the small appliances under one roof and still have space to spare!