When it comes to the pressure cooker Mac and cheese, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of the recipes to use. In this article, we are going to sample one such a recipe.

For the pressure cooker Mac and cheese, you will first need the macaroni, milk, cheddar, butter and cream cheese. If you have all these on standby, you will be able to embark on making your favourite dish.


The macaroni is stirred well so that it can break up into sizeable portions. It is easier to work with the stirred macaroni as you will be adding some more ingredients to it.


Milk is the next ingredient that you will add to the mixture. Please note that this is not the normal cold milk but the one that has been boiled and evaporated.

The cheese

This is again not the conventional cheese but the parmesan one. It is added alongside the milk. The cheddar cheese is also an important part of the ingredient and is usually included in the ingredients. It is highly advisable that you have both types of cheese ready so that you get the pressure cooker Mac and cheese recipe right. In some cases, you will be called upon to include the cream cheese to the recipe. It comes handy and makes your dish rich and diverse.


For any kind of recipe related to this one, you will find that butter is very important and has to be added together with parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, macaroni and the milk.

Setting the pressure cooker

The other important detail in the preparation of the pressure cooker Mac and cheese is setting the pressure cooker in the first place. The recommended setting in this case has to be the brown setting so that the cooking takes place just the right way.


The next step after setting the pressure cooker is to stir the contents. Usually, you will have with your sauce that will need to be continuously stirred till it thickens to the consistency that is desirable.

Melting the cheese

Part of the reason why the stirring is highly recommended is because you would want the entire cheese to melt.

In a few minutes, your food will be ready for serving. The serving size will largely depend on the amount of ingredients you will have used in the preparation.

The ready food (or sauce) will now be ready for serving bowl. It will be sizzling hot and is best eaten that way. You will find that this kind of dish is not just for adults but is in fact enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Easy meal

As you will have noted, this is fast dish that you can prepare even when you have little time to spare.

Tasty and delicious

To say that it is tasty and delicious is an understatement. It is worth noting though, that this is not the only recipe. You will be able to change the ingredients and still come up a tasty one.