Do kitchen with black appliances inspire visual interest and enhance the texture as we are made to presume? Whether they are black or white is not really the issue; what matters really is how you are able to play around the colours to improve your experience.

We have combined the kitchen with black appliances with white ones because they generally tend to complement each other perfectly well. Creating a contrast between them is exactly what you should look for. For instance, the contrast could be high or low. Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t create the contrast between the appliances and the cabinet. Rather have the contrast that will make things not only interesting but dramatic as well.

On the other hand, there is the risk of making the kitchen appear smaller than it actually is. As if that is not bad enough, you could still end up with a kitchen that is much cluttered. The idea here is that the kitchen with black appliances should not have a big contrast when contrasting with the white ones.

The countertops

In your plans, start with the countertops where you can have them painted medium to dark colours and then incorporate the backslash. You will just love the effect it will create. Softening the blow will be the ideal thing to do with the contrast as well as creating a sense of depth.

The floors

The floors will look amazing in darker tones and this is the reason why you are best advised to work with kitchen with black appliances, dark floors and for some effect, the countertops. In fact the main aim here is to blend with the appliances by initiating the low contrast as well as creating a transition point.

You can also work with the multi-coloured backlash with mosaic tile for a backlash. This gives the darker parts the connection to the appliances and this has the effect of enhancing the appearance. Saying that it will look fabulous is an understatement.

The island

The kitchen has an island which for all intent and purposes should have a certain look. The kitchen cabinets for all you care can be painted white as long as you have kitchen with black appliances. The effect will be an amazing one in terms of the contrast and appeal.

Generally speaking, the following should guide you through:

The countertop and   the backlash will aid the black appliances in enhancing the look in your kitchen. They should be darker in tone though.

The white or light backlash can easily be combined with the darker countertop and you will still get the desired effect.

The walls should have a light to low contrast so that you can have a smooth transition to the white cabinets and the countertops as well.

Medium tones are in some cases preferred over the lighter ones based on experience. They bring out the contrast better and you will therefore enjoy the experience more.