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For the majority of home owners, experts have to be brought t in to help in the kitchen design layout. This needs not be the case all the time as long as you have own idea that you would like to implement. Making it a diy is perhaps the best thing since the kitchen will take the look that you have in mind. It is not always that other people will give you exactly what you have in mind. The following are some of the things that you should bear in mind if you decide to go the diy way.

Get the layout software tool

Technology as made it possible for one to come up with own kitchen design layout. The 3-D design tool is available online and is free in some sites. You will just download it and use it   to come up with conceptual designs for tour kitchen. This software has a friendly interface that will allow you to input ideas on your conceptual kitchen. This is the tool that even the professionals use, only that you will be self-taught on most of the things.

Choosing the designs

When it comes to the kitchen design layout, you will find that there are various concepts that you can explore. For instance, you may opt of the L-shaped kitchen. For others, it is the island which drives me crazy. Better still the galley and the island will work. All that you will need to do is to make sure that you have the templates for any of the aforementioned. They can be downloaded so that you can work from your computer. They are computer Aided Designs or CAD and as such, they give you a more realistic view of the kitchen that you intend to have.

The work triangle should be incorporated in your design at all times. Many designers are pretty aware of the fact that without the work triangle, the kitchen layout or design will simply not work. Generally speaking, the work triangle touches on 3 main working areas of the kitchen. These are as explained below.

The fridge area

The fried is considered the biggest appliances and one that is mostly used in the kitchen, we store all out food here, so it is only reasonable that there be space to walk to it and back to where you were.

The sink

This is where we so most of the chores like cleaning the utensils and so on. Once again, there is need to have a clear connecting path from the fridge to the sink. These 2 are clearly interrelated hence then need to have a linking path.


This is about the space and the range completes the picture. When you draw the paths, they form a triangle and this is how your kitchen plan should look like.

Much as we might think we are done with the kitchen design layout, we should also ensure that the design involves the flow of the natural light, there is space in aisle and storage is adequate.