Conventionally, the android phones do not come with digital scale grams apps and as such, one has to search for them in the play store where you will download. But even in such cases, not all of them offer the best experience I n terms of weights. There are some inherent problems which come with the digital scale grams and as such one needs to be very careful when installing them.


Going through the play store, you will probably come across many such apps with ratings of up to 5 in a scale of 1-5. This could be very misleading because when try them out in real life, they don’t offer the kind of experience they purport to offer.

Load support

You will come across one that is claiming to support large loads only for them to fail to deliver on the promise. This might sound like negative energy but one should have realistic expectation on these apps before downloading. This way, the frustrations will diminish.


The other problem with the digital scale grams app is that it may be highly inaccurate. Approximations are hardly any close to the actual readings and this could possibly explain why some people will always go for the actual ones.


You should expect to be confronted by a host of inconsistent results in the Google Play store but generally speaking, the following features will guide you to find the right digital scale grams app for you in the wide market.

Overall rating

Go for the one with a higher rating. In most cases, you will be drawn to the ones with 4-5 star rating. Try it out and see how it is going to work.


It should come with all the features that are consistent with an actual digital scale.


Watch out for the accuracy as this could be the game changer. The higher the accuracy, the better the scale is. The rate of accuracy really matters and in such a case, buying a free version will help you select the one that will give you the best one in terms of accuracy.


You might concentrate on the other features and forget the interface. Yet, this is what gives the digital scale grams the ease of working with.  A friendly interface will work very well with you.

Ease of use

There are some important factors which unfortunately people forget to take care of and in particular the ease of use. You don’t just download an app for the sake of it; examine it to see how easy it is to operate. If it gives you a hard time, it is probably not worth the effort.

 Frequently updated

Some of these apps are work in progress and you will find that they are updated from time to time. If the one you are considering has not be updated for a long time, you are probably staring at an outdated version.

Good measuring systems are the last consideration here. The system should work pretty well.