The use of the electronic scale has become commonplace today. There are such gadgets all over and their uses seem to keep on increasing. Of note are the specific applications. In this article, we are going to look at one of the uses of these scales.

The digital bathroom scale

This is of the scales that people put in their bathroom for taking various measurements in the body. The body fat has increasingly become a concern to many people. In order to aid you keep track of your fat. This electronic scale is going to come handy as it will give you an accuracy assessment of the amount of fat in the body.

Through such a determination, you will know if you have excess fat or little of it. From there, you will decide if you have to cut down on your fat intake or increase it. Being healthy means taking the right actions and obviously, the use of the bathroom electronic scale is a step in the right direction.


The Body Mass Index or BMI is the determination of the relationship between the height and weight. There are some readings from the electronic scale which will tell you if you have a healthy BMI or not. For instance, less than 18 on the score indicate that you are underweight. Around 25 shows that you are healthy whilst above that will mean that you are overweight. In fact from 30, you are automatically considered to be obese.

It is very difficult to tell your BMI by just looking. Some people appear overweight but in fact their BMI shows that they are healthy. The weight is divided by the height to get the BMI. This scale will take both, compute and give you the results instantly. The information is very useful as it will guide you on the path to healthy living.

Lean mass

The lean mass is generally the mass or the weight in the absence of fat. You may need to know the ratio of the body fat to that of the lean mass so work out your health status. The body fat percentage is the first thing you have to know before you know the lean mass. This can be accurately be determined by use of the electronic scale. This is worked out by subtracting the fat weight from the total weight of the body. It may not be easy to work this out manually, more the reason why you should have this kind of scale.

Muscle mass is yet another important determination that can be made using this scale. It helps you to work out how much muscle you have in the body relative to the fat. If you are into body building for instance, you will find it necessary to have this kind of results.

The water ratio and the body weight are the other 2 important readings that you will only be able to accurately determine using this scale. It is fairly accurate and easy to use.