By definition, the design and layout of the kitchen revolves around the arrangement of the countertops, all the household appliances and the storage areas as well. This incorporates the use of the space, walk through and the floor plans. Having a good design or layout will definitely create space even where there appeared to be none. For instance, you should have a clear path to help you move from the fridge to the sink; if there is none, and then it is evident that your design is wanting.

What we know is that there are different kitchen design layouts and that one will be at liberty to choose the one that will work best for them. In this article, we are going to explore some of these designs and how each of them can be explored to help you improve the usability of the kitchen.

The L-shaped is one of the commonest kitchen design layouts. Generally speaking, this is shaped like the letter L of the alphabets. It is typically for those of us who want to break the monotony of the equal sides of the kitchen. One side will be long and then make a turn to one side with nothing like a wall on the other. This design is quite appealing and has actually been adopted in most modern homes today.

The galley kitchen that has been mentioned involves having 2 parallel counters to make up for the shortage of space so that they form the triangle. The ease of accessibility is superb to the 3 main working areas. The island on the other hand should not be bigger than 4 feet in length and the depth should be no more than 2 feet. Otherwise, there will be no need of incorporating the island in your kitchen since people will not have enough space to move around.

The one wall is yet another good example of the kitchen design and anyone who doesn’t like seeing many walls will definitely love it.

 The galley kitchens are also nice ones as they incorporate various features to give your kitchen some space and sense of style. If you are not so much into the galley kitchens, you will definitely love the island. The island typically is very much like the galley one except that it has a walk through corridor.

Using the kitchen triangle

One of the best ideas you can possibly utilize is the use of the kitchen triangle whereby you will typically connect the main working areas in the kitchen. These main areas generally include the sink, the refrigerator and the range. There should be clear path linking all the 3 to form a kind of triangle as the name suggests. The distance as far as the kitchen design is concerned here should be not less than 4 feet but at the same time, one should be keen not to exceed 9 feet.

In conclusion, planning the kitchen design should take care of the space, aisle, light and storage.