One of the latest advances in weighing objects has got to be the digital scale. With this scale, you will virtually be able to measure anything that you place on your mobile device it comes in the form of an app that is found in most digital phones and tablets.

How it works

To begin with, there are a set of instructions that will help you go about the weighing. There are calibration and reset values for you to work with. The accelerometer is also an important aspect of the digital scale.

The instructions to follow

If you have installed such as a scale in your android phone, you will find that there are 3 LED colours, each of which designates a function. The red colour means that there is a bad setting and therefore you will just to make some adjustments. The red colour also indicates an error.

The yellow colour means that the digital scale is not yet ready to be used and might take a few minutes to stabilize. Lastly, the colour green indicates all systems go and it is therefore ready to be used.

Setting the scale starts with placing the phone on a firm position and preferably the one that has a similar consistency in terms of thickness. The LED colours will appear depending on the position that you put it. If all goes well, reset the button when it turns green. It will now be ready to be used to weigh any object by gently placing it on the phone.

Weighing more than one object

Just like any other weighing scale, the digital scale has the same rules. You will take measurements of say, a book. Then you will reset the readings back to 0 so that you can weigh another object.

The scale works on the basis of precision weighing. This basically means that the scale provides readings   upon contact with object to be weighed. The element of accuracy is not in doubt as long as you use the scale correctly.

Those who have used this scale correctly will attest to the fact that it works with very high precision. The chances of getting wrong readings are greatly diminished and especially if you use it the right way. The point here is that you should apply minimum pressure on the phone so that the readings do not show error.

The LED colours will greatly aid you when using the scale and in particular the fact it alerts you when there is an error. If you have made an error, you can use the back button to start all over again. You will find that overcoming the small errors will see you get the best results possible.

The digital scale has really redefined the weighing mobile devices. You will no longer have to keep guessing the weight of objects around you. In fact, everything will depend on the way you make use of the scale. If you don’t have the apothem you only need to download one.