It is not worth buying kitchen cabinets for a song when you can find the same cheap kitchen cabinets.  There are various options available starting with playing craigslist game. It is just but one of the ways you can play and score for the free or the ridiculously low priced cheap kitchen cabinets.

Get the kitchen from the next door neighbour

There is always this neighbour next door who disposing their entire kitchen as they move out. Chance on this and make massive savings in terms of the cost. The idea is to cash in on the desperation to clear old cabinets. You will simply buy them at low cost and refurbish them. They will look as good as new and one might be mistaken to think that you bought them new.

Ready to assemble

The RTAs are some of the best deals that you can possibly have. The self-packed cabinets are all yours to start assembling from scratch, so it will probably help to have the little experience in doing things. Perhaps it’s high time you started experimenting on how the screws work. The only downside perhaps is that shipping cost will be on your side. But looking at the bigger picture, you will find that it is not a bad idea at all.


For those who don’t like doing the assembly on their own and this could be the reason why you should go for the pre-assembled ones.

Free shipping

If you are looking to save on the free shipping, then it is a better idea to make larger orders-like the ones exceeding $5,000.

Avoid the in-built turn tables

It may not have occurred to you yet but some of the in-built features like the turntables only add to the cost of the cabinets. For the cheap kitchen cabinets, you will find that sourcing your own could be a game changer. In this case, all you need to do is to get one for yourself at the Home Depot nearest o to you. The difference is quite big and it is really worth it if you want to save a huge chunk of your money.

Contemporary styles

For those who like the contemporary styles, you will realize that there are those cheap places like IKEA. You will buy and assemble them on your own under the RTA but the gamble will pay off eventually. They are very cheap and this basically means that you will save big time.

The architectural salvage works much the same way as the craigslist but it is also a good option for the cheap kitchen cabinets. The only small risk that you will have to bear is that there is uneven pricing; at one point it will favour you and at others, you might not be so lucky after all. Chancing is the name of the game.

The Re/stores is yet another consideration as they sell them at extremely low prices. No MDF so it could be a good gamble.